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You’ll get world-class water treatment solutions. Future Techs Water LLC is dedicated and committed to providing clean water solutions. We’ll help you choose a suitable water conditioning system that best suits your requirement. Enjoy safe water for your family and ensure their safety. Call us now!


How we started?

In 1991, Carla’s husband started out as a salesman in a water business, making cold calls throughout Treasure Valley. Although he had a short stay in the company, he had a good rapport with the company staff who kept in touch. Carla and her husband grabbed the opportunity when the company decided to sell it in 1995.


They knew the importance and requirement of clean water that was full of nitrates, arsenic, iron, and other contaminants. They decided to also include affordable services to customers instead of just being a sales company. We pride ourselves as the service company for Clack, Fleck, Hydrotech.


In-depth product knowledge:

At Future Techs Water LLC, we firmly believe in thoroughly educating the customer about the importance of water treatment, usage of right water conditioning equipment, and our benefits and other quality services we provide.


We are well-informed about our wide range of products and solutions, and we would like to pass on this information to our customers.


We know just the perfect water conditioning solution that best suits your needs. You’ll get a FREE water testing analysis and we’ll make sure that you are well-informed on which water conditioning system works best for your home or office.


Our services are quick, reliable, and pocket-friendly, too!


Always at your service when you need us. Dial 208-459-9459 to give our friendly staff a call to learn more about our water treatment plans and quality services that are just for you.


Well-educated on our products:

We believe it takes a combination of both a salesperson who knows how his equipment works, and one that knows how his equipment performs so that he may help the customer be better educated on what product they need for their home. We offer free water testing and always make sure the customer is well-informed on what product will work best for their water, whether they purchase the product from us or another company. We have always believed in treating you, our customers, like family.


We believe the biggest difference between us and the other dealers, or even the big box stores, is our customer service. We don’t carry any product we wouldn’t use in our own homes. Also, we do our best to give the customer as much information and education as possible on how the equipment works. This even includes the little items to help them get the best life span and performance froth their equipment. We do have training which we received from our equipment suppliers, and most have a tech support line to walk us through a problem when we are in the field. We believe a lot of companies don’t take advantage of their supplier’s knowledge and it is a great way to educated our employees. Who knows the equipment better than the people who engineered and built it? A good service tech will always seek more knowledge from their supplier.